Line Marking Contractors

Traffic Management

In New South Wales, we are prequalified by the RMS as contractors for traffic control, “Category G” which allows us to establish our own traffic control regimes.

In Queensland we are registered under TMR’s “Traffic Management Registration Scheme” This allows us to implement our own traffic and apply for any permits required.

In Queensland we have a qualified TMD (Traffic Management Designer)

In New South Wales we qualified in the following; Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plans ( PWZTMP)

The above certifications allow us to prepare our own Traffic Management Plans(TMP’s) and prepare internal Traffic Guidance Scheme’s (TGS’)

All our Traffic Controllers are Certified TC (Traffic Control) and TMI (Traffic Management Implementation)

We have a full array of signage and traffic control equipment for all our working crews to be equipped and operate under approved and safe conditions.

Avante Traffic Management provides a one stop solution to all Traffic Management needs.