Road Texture

Road Re-Texturing

Road texture acts as an important feature to any road or highway as it impacts the safety of all road users. Without the correct road texture tyres do not have the traction necessary to stop moving vehicles at the same reaction time of the driver. Additionally, poor road texture can also prevent roads from draining correctly

Road texture decreases over time through wear and tear from natural elements and use. Extreme heat conditions during the summer months can lead to the melting and reforming of road texture. On the opposite end of the spectrum, cold temperatures during winter can lead to water freezing and cracking on roads, further damaging texture.

Even roads in more temperate climates are prone to texture deterioration, wheel path rutting and grooving through the traffic flow of vehicles and their subsequent weight. As a result, regular and routine re-texturing is essential for safe, accident free roads.

There are a range of methods to re-texture roads, however some methods are more effective than others. Avante Linemarking’s preferred method is ultra-high pressure water blasting. This is produced through a system that is mounted on a truck for time efficiency as it can cover a 2m width. Based on the condition of the road, the water pressure can be varied in order to gain the best results, that way you know that you will have the exact results that you need.