Cold Applied Plastic (CAP)

CAP (Cold Applied Plastic) is another long life material alternative. Its chemically known as “methyl-methacrylate” and is used in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide, more commonly referred to as “part A” and “part B”.

When these two components are mixed in accordance with their respective use, they produce a thermoset material that is significantly harder and longer lasting than thermoplastic.

Like all linemarking, it requires great skill, however this particular product requires a certain experience and understanding. We at Avante Linemarking are proud to say that we have significant exposure to this material and its various applications. Completing a series of projects across the pacific in New Zealand and even in our own backyard with a major trial in the Northern Territory. More recently performing works for Transport and Main roads Queensland. We have specialized plant and equipment capable of applying this product in its various forms, including Extrusion, Spray and Audio tactile as pictured.