About Us

Research & Development

Avante Linemarking has its own engineering team dedicated to maintaining and developing our equipment. We are able to build our own custom equipment and maintain all of our plant internally.

We build our own paint trucks, support trucks and boiler kettle trucks from the ground up using the best materials and parts available. Because of this our plant has a service and maintenance history from first use.

Some of our more recent developments include a raised reflective pavement marker (RRPM) application equipment that is highly productive and greatly improves the safety aspect by keeping personnel off the roadway.

We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the industry, not only within Australia, but globally, harnessing this information and what applications can be applied here on our roads.

As members of the RIAA(Road Marking Industry Australia) and TMAA (Traffic Management Association Australia) we keep up to date with industry standards and change, but also share our own research to assist.