Line Removal

Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

Ultra high pressure water blasting is one of the more specialised roadline removal techniques used across the globe. The process operates at anywhere between 30,000 to 42,000 PSI. It can remove lines off any surface with little damage to the substrate and uses nothing but water expressed under ultra-high pressure. In the process it simultaneously vacuums the slurry back up which is filtered and then recycled where it may be used for renewable surfacing solutions. It is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way of roadline removal.

Roadline removal via ultra high pressure water blasting is the preferred method for many major projects and infrastructure projects across Australia. It is quick, efficient and environmentally friendly as it uses no chemicals in the process. As Australia becomes more aware about safety in the work place, water blasting can be a safer alternative to grinding in heavily populated areas as it does not create dust in the process of roadline removal.

Water Blasting Sydney, Brisbane, Australia

We have worked all over Australia and removed lines off Australian roads including Queensland, New south wales and travelling as far South as Victoria.

We have a fleet of 4 Road Hog water blasting units utilised between our branches, this allows us to service multiple locations across Australia or complete large scale road line removal requirements using multiple units simultaneously.