Thermoplastic is one of the long-life linemarking materials. It is a non hazardous molten plastic that is applied at anywhere between 180 to 205 degrees Celsius and sets quickly allowing traffic to drive over it after approximately 3minutes. For this reason it has become one of the worlds preferred linemarking materials. It is commonly used on freeway networks across Australia. Many local councils across the country also use thermoplastic due to its extended lifespan. The average life of thermoplastic can be 3 to 5 times as long as a standard paint applications. thermoplastic is a logical choice for heavy traffic areas.

There are several ways to apply thermoplastic. They are extruded, screeded, sprayed and pre-formed.

Our Fleet is vast and varies from walk behind screed machines to extrusion machines such as the Borum Master 5000 and even truck mounted sprayable thermoplastic capability.