Linemarking Paint

Paint forms the foundation of all road linemarking. There are many paint variants but the most common are water borne and solvent borne linemarking paint. Waterborne paint is commonly associated with our road networks and solvent borne paints are better suited to concrete surfaces.

We have worked all over Australia’s road networks, line marking our roads in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia just to name a few.

We operate a variety of plant for these works that range from smaller jobs to infrastructure projects. We are fully equipped and prepared for any project, anywhere. Our crews are regularly travelling across Australia to complete road linemarking projects and maintenance of existing roads.

Road Linemarking

We predominantly operate Graco LineLazer 200HS machines with optional ride on buggies. This unit is globally recognised as being one of, if not the best hydraulic pump walk behind road linemarking systems. We have over 20 of these units across the company.

Our larger road linemarking units are truck mounted using high flow hydraulic pumps. These are all 1000L capacity that can spray approximately 20 Km at a single coat application without requiring refilling. We have 14 of these truck mounted, road linemarking units that allow us to place multiple crews at several sites across Australia simultaneously.