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Rubber Removal

Airport runways build up with rubber debris over time impacting the overall safety of airport workers, passengers and flight staff. Rubber build occurs because plane wheels do not spin during a section of landing in order to stop, therefore the rubber drags across the runway. This type of build up from not only rubber but also jet exhaust, hydraulic oil and direct reduces the friction necessary for safe take offs and landings.

Won’t the rubber just get blown away by wind? While this would be the ideal scenario, this isn’t exactly how rubber build up works. Rubber build up presents a safety risk because the debris melts and moulds into the existing runaway, changing the texture and surface on the runway. This occurs not through natural heat but the heat caused by the friction against the plane wheels and the runway.

This means that runways in any location subject to harsh or temperate climates require rubber removal for a safe runway. While there are ranges of methods that are popularly used to remove rubber, there are some processes that are more effective and time efficient than others. Our preferred method of rubber removal is high pressure water blasting. Using a high-pressure system that is mounted to a vehicle rubber is effectively removed revealing the original runway underneath. Another reason we prefer water blasting are the fast and affordable results, providing you with a safe runway in little time while barely disrupting flight schedules.

To ensure the safety of airport workers, flight staff and passengers, book your rubber removal as soon as possible.