Line Marking Australia


Highways & Roads
We specialise in the application of non profile and audio-tactile thermoplastic, waterborne and specialty paints, preformed thermoplastic, cold applied plastic, resin bonded aggregates, raised pavement markers and line removal.

Avante Linemarking has dedicated, well equipped
and experienced linemarking personnel to apply
typical carpark requirements of parking bays, text, disabled parking areas, directional arrows etc.

Materials are usually waterborne paint however in high trafficked areas, thermoplastic or cold applied plastics can be used.

With well qualified crews and a large inventory of equipment Avante Linemarking can mark factory safety lines, symbols and other markings from jobs small to large.


Avante Linemarking has been involved in various airport tasks including runway resheet remarking, apron and taxiway remodeling. We work to the requirement of the Airports Act 1996, Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997 and the Manual of Standards Part 139 – Aerodromes.

With a large collection of symbols and games, Avante Linemarking can provide a wide range of small playground games to sports courts.

Read more about the materials we use for linemarking: