CarPark Linemarking

Carpark linemarking is used everywhere from your local shops, shopping centres, doctor clinics and schools; Avante Linemarking can help. In fact, the very foundations of our company began with car park linemarking.

Carpark linemarking is often overlooked or taken for granted and many car parks remain neglected, however a freshly line marked car park stands out and looks great from your customers or clients perspective, upon arrival. The safety aspect of clearly visible linemarking in a car park is paramount for safety as the combination of pedestrians and vehicles is at its highest.

From basic open-ended car park bays to trailer or truck parking bays, pedestrian crossings, speed hump markings and disabled parking bays with hatched spacing, Avante Linemarking does it all.

Car park linemarking can be done in an array of colours and different materials, such as paint, thermoplastic, cold applied plastic or any coloured surface treatment; this includes specialized stencils or pre-formed thermoplastic symbols for any specific design or requirement.

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