About Us

Avante Linemarking

We are a highly progressive and rapidly expanding company providing a wide range of pavement markings and associated products in new and innovative formats to the Road and Construction industry. Our mission is to present quality workmanship in a safe, efficient and productive manner. We are committed to developing new and improved methods of markings that improve the safety of both the public and our working personnel.

We have staff who are highly experienced in this industry and are proud of our ability to present quality workmanship in a manner that is both fast and efficient. With over forty applicator and support trucks that are modern and highly maintained, we are able to present multiple crews for large and diverse jobs simultaneously, from Victoria, NSW to Queensland.

Avante Linemarking carry out Linemarking on:

  • Highways & Roads
  • Carparks
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Schools

Avante Linemarking has the ability to present markings in various types and formats. These range from road and highway markings, longitudinal and transverse markings, arrows and symbols, carparks, pavement text, factories, safety lines and sports court markings.

A Personal Message

From Our CEO