Avante Linemarking Australia


Avante Linemarking, WaterBlasting Australia and Avante Traffic Management form a highly progressive and rapidly expanding group of Companies. We provide a wide range of linemarking, roadline removal, road re-texture and traffic management solutions to all States and Territories across Australia. We are an innovative and dedicated supplier to the Road and Construction Industry that source logical and ethical solutions to everyday practice. Our mission is to present quality workmanship in a safe, efficient and productive manner.

Avante Linemarking will celebrate its 25th year anniversary this coming year 2021. Our head office is located in St. Marys N.S.W and we have been in Queensland since 2014 in Yatala, centrally located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast/ Northern N.S.W. Our footprint has steadily grown in Queensland after completing projects such as the Gateway Motorway, Logan Enhancement Project and servicing many local councils including Brisbane City Council. A recent expansion has seen us open an additional depot in Bundaberg and we continue to grow with Queensland’s expanding and ongoing road construction projects in the states North.

With one of the largest Linemarking fleets in Australia comprising of but not limited to; 14 long-line paint trucks, 9 thermoplastic applicator machines, specialised cold applied plastic aka CAP machinery with ATLM (Audio Tactile Linemarking) capacity and several support trucks, Avante Linemarking has the equipment to complete any required project specification. We have a dedicated research and development team that build our own internal plant as well as improve existing equipment. We have some of the most versatile Linemarking equipment in Australia.

Our commitment to our industry has seen our management travel the world to source the best technology and apply it here.

We have completed projects all over Australia, from Western Australia to Northern Territory; we have even undertaken projects in New Zealand. The ongoing progression of Avante Linemarking is due to the passion of our staff across all facets of our company.

WaterBlasting Australia is a sister company to Avante Linemarking and specialises in roadline removal and re-texturing via Ultra High Pressure aka UHP Water Blasting. This is a highly specialised technique that requires specialised plant and equipment as the pressure used can exceed 40,000 PSI. Road re-texturing is a viable solution to regenerate our road network and improve the grip between tyre and bitumen surface increasing the road safety without the need to re-asphalt. The same units are used in Airport Rubber removal, a key requirement to any Airport runway. This is done at substantially less pressure than mentioned previously as the intention is not to strip the surface, but to simply clean away the excess rubber that builds up on the tarmac. WaterBlasting Australia owns and operates 4 Road Hog Water blasters capable of all the above.

Avante Traffic Management is our traffic management division. We are fully qualified in both NSW and Queensland to not only provide traffic management personnel, but to draw plans and apply for any permit you may require to both local council and the governing road authorities TMR and RMS. Through our strength across all three entities, Avante Linemarking is a ONE STOP solution to many road construction and maintenance requirements.

We are committed to developing new and upgraded methodology that improves the safety of both the public and our working personnel. We have highly experienced staff and we are proud of our ability to present multiple crews to multiple worksites simultaneously. Certified with ISO



Avante Linemarking is proud to announce our latest branch located in the Mackay Region. With the simultaneous acquisitions of LINEMARK and PROCOAT Linemarking, both local companies to Mackay, we have now established a firm position in Queensland’s North. Fully operational with all local staff, Avante Linemarking is ready to service our new customers and customers to be. Please reach out to the contact details below.